Council of International Schools


Council of International Schools


The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the premier worldwide accreditation organisation for international schools. Through its professional staff of Regional Accreditation Officers, backed by a team of administrative personnel and CIS volunteers, the Accreditation Service manages an Accreditation Programme which encourages teaching and learning focused school improvement through a process of continuous Self-Study and Peer Visitor evaluation. Working in partnership with member schools, this service sets the standards for international education as laid out in the Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation, currently in its eighth edition.

The final award of ‘Accredited Status’ demonstrates that a member school has achieved high standards of professional performance in international education and has a commitment to continuous improvement.

Heads and teachers from member schools play an active role as ‘Peer Visitors’ and ‘Report Readers’, assessing and evaluating the progress of schools at the ‘Visiting Team’ stage and over the rest of the accreditation cycle. The process is thereby enriched by the sharing of knowledge and effective practice, to the benefit of not only schools but also the peers involved in their evaluation.